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Global LNG Database®
This service includes the following items:


• World's LNG Plants and Terminals Database
• World LNG Projects’ Status & Developments Report
• LNG News & Insights Service (Online Archive and Search)
World's LNG Plants and Terminals Database offering the most comprehensive and reliable data source includes detailed & perfect information about all LNG production facilities (LNG Plants) and the LNG receiving facilities (LNG Terminals) that are on stream, under construction, planned and/or proposed/under-study to be built in the World. The updated and adequate information is vital for managers, investors, analysts and researchers in the current dynamic market environments.

LNG Production Plants' Information - land-based and floating (FLNG)
Name Operator FFED 
Location Plant Cost ($MM) EPC Contractors (Descriptions)
Status Tax Tanks Fabrication
Start-up Date (Descriptions) Capacity (MMT/Y) Spot Stage
FID Date Train(s) Latest Developments
Shareholders (Upstream) Max. LNG Carrier Loading Size (CM) Location Map
Gas Supply Field(s) Liquefaction Technology Related Pictures
Allocated Gas Reserves (TCF) Storage Capacity (CM) Archived News
Shareholders (LNG Plant) Tanks (#)  

LNG Regasification Terminals' Information - land-based and floating (FSRU)
Name Max. LNG Carrier Unloading Size (CM) Tanks or FSRU Fabrication
Location Storage Capacity (CM) Spot Stage
Status Tanks (#) Latest Developments
Start-up Date (Descriptions) Regasification Capacity (MMT/Y) Location Map
FID Date LNG Suppliers Related Pictures
Shareholders EPC Cost ($MM) (Descriptions) Archived News
Operator FEED  
Capacity Off-takers (Descriptions) EPC Contractors (Descriptions)  

* All data and description texts presented in Excel format.


Global LNG Database®’s contents are being updated continuously in accordance with the world LNG developments. In the middle of each month, Global LNG Info prepares the “World LNG Projects’ Status Report” and “World LNG Projects' Latest Developments Report” for its subscribers keeping them informed about the latest status of the world LNG projects.


Global LNG info provides a wide range of services in accordance with its clients’ required information by offering competitive and cost-effective services and solutions.


If you are interested to receive more information about subscription options and review data samples of the Global LNG Database® and also download a sample of the globally-recognized-reference World LNG Projects’ Status & Developments Reports, please contact us at: or register at here.


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