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LNG Contracts Database
Mitigate risks and setting marketing strategies by understanding global LNG pricing trends is key to driving long-term investment decisions and strategic direction of companies and governments across the Global LNG business.
As the world's LNG markets become ever more dynamic, market players need to understand how inter-regional flows and pricing shifts will impact their strategies while Global LNG Contracts Database provides the most updated and trusted global LNG pricing intelligence for them.


Global LNG Info has been recognized by the major international banks, financial institutions, state-run entities, consulting firms, trading companies and LNG importers/exporters as the most reliable source for reporting perfect and accurate pricing details of the long-term LNG sales and purchase contracts.


Global LNG Contracts Database's Contents:
• Seller’s Name
• Seller’s Country
• Seller’s Project name and its status (on-stream, under construction, planned or pre-FID)
• Buyer’s Name
• Buyer’s Country
• Contract’s Kind (LNG SPA, HOA, MOU)
• Contract’s Duration (start-end dates)
• Volume (MMT/Y)
• Delivery (FOB/DES)
• Descriptions (the contract’s details)
• Pricing Details and Formula
* The “Global LNG Contracts Database” is updated quarterly and published in Excel format including all data and description texts.


If you are interested to learn more about "Global LNG Sales and Purchase Contracts Database" with reviewing data samples, sources and its price quotation, please contact us at: