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Global LNG Info releases its Global LNG Database’s update (UP: Feb. 2021)
By adding new LNG imports projects planned/proposed to be built around the world and changing status of some projects, up-to-date and perfect information of 446 LNG projects in the world are available in the Global LNG Database®.
Global LNG Info has released the latest update of the Global LNG Database®. By adding new LNG projects around the world and changing status of some projects, up-to-date and perfect information of 446 LNG projects in the world are available in the Global LNG Database® including 139 on/offshore liquefaction facilities (on-stream: 53, under-construction: 13, planned: 52, under-study/proposed: 21) and also 308 on/offshore receiving & regasification facilities (on-stream: 147, under-construction: 52, planned: 83, under-study/proposed: 26).


Some summarized developments quoted from the Global LNG Database®:


* NextDecade has decided to forfeit the Galveston Bay LNG project and “will no longer make lease payments to the site’s landholders, the Texas General Land Office and the City of Texas City” as it has completed an evaluation of the project’s site and determined that the site “is not suitable for development of an LNG facility and related infrastructure and utilities.” (more )


* Equinor has decided to write down the book value of its Tanzania LNG project (TLNG) on the company’s balance sheet by US$982 million...


* Egypt has expected to reopen the Damietta LNG export plant by the end of February 2021 after an eight-year closure caused by the Arab nation’s previous gas supply shortage…


* Santos announced a FID for the infill drilling program at the Bayu-Undan field…


*CO2 injection system from Gorgon LNG is currently turned down as sand is clogging injection wells…


* Tema LNG import project’s FRU has arrived as the next step would be to achieve mechanical completion of the onshore works, with a 6.5-Km pipeline and a conditioning station. The FRU had left the Chinese Jiangnan Shipyard at the end of November…


* Bulgartransgaz has finalized its 20% share in the Greek company Gastrade that develops the Alexandroupolis LNG imports terminal…


* Croatia’s first LNG import facility off the island of Krk has started commercial operations following the delivery of the first cargo which carried by 155,000-CM Tristar Ruby ship and had been loaded at Cove Point LNG facility.
The second cargo carried is slated to reach the floating terminal (FSRU) on the first week of March.


* Chiyoda has been awarded the design development and engineering of a new floating, storage, re-gasification and power Generation (FSRP) facility in PNG…


* The 3 MMT/Y Irish port of Cork FSRU proposed project has been annulled after a preliminary deal [MOU] signed in 2017 with NextDecade expired at the end of last year. The US LNG promotor had proposed to supply the FSRU with its proposed Rio Grande project’s LNG.
Earlier, Ireland's environment minister, Eamon Ryan, had revealed that the Port of Cork had ruled out pursuing the LNG import terminal as the new coalition Irish government has remarked that it would not support LNG terminals that imported fracked gas from the US.
It was a new setback for NextDecade after Engie halted talks over a potential long-term supply agreement with the company in November.


* BP has begun to directly supply gas customers in China with gas from LNG that it has imported into the country. ( more )


And more…


Global LNG Database®’s contents are being updated continuously in accordance with the world LNG developments. In the middle of each month, Global LNG Info prepares the “World LNG Projects’ Status Monthly Report” for its subscribers keeping them informed about the latest status of the world LNG projects.
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Source(s) Global LNG Database®